Nacasa & Partners


Copyright of photographs

  • All photographs taken by Nacasa & Partners are protected by Copyright Law. The photos may not be used without our consent.

  • We charge a fee for the use of our photographs in media including magazines, books, pamphlets, TV and the Internet. The fee is for one print for one time of use by one company for one purpose. The actual fee charged depends upon the purpose of use of the photos, so please contact us for any inquiries about our fees.

  • If you wish to use photos of buildings or interiors, you must receive permission from the relevant designer (or owner) in advance of such use. If you wish to borrow and use original films, you are required to make a request with the relevant designer (or owner). Additional charges are applicable for duplications, etc.

  • As soon as the printed matter which includes our photos is completed, please send samples to Nacasa & Partners.