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What it takes...
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What it takes...
From a simple thought to a photo book

There are many reasons behind its cause.

--I truly want to be in a place, where things change day by day drastically.
--My colleagues were enthusiastically repeating "Shanghai is hot! Shanghai is great!" in Izakaya (Japanese Drinking Bar).
I was hooked up with a Chinese hot pot, which its history goes back 4,000 years.

To work in Shanghai, to initiate business in Shanghai, Such decision-making is something, which requires a huge amount of time in multi-national corporations.

But "they" have done it without spending a great amount of time and energy. Rather, it was more of a force of momentum, generated by Shanghai itself and enthusiastic peers -- as if they have spooled up with a vortex of the Shanghai excitement.

Nacasa and Partners had established its Shanghai Office in 2005. It has been functioning as a hub of photo shooting in Shanghai.

One day, when the managing director of the Shanghai Office, who has been accumulating the knowledge and connection on Shanghai, looked back the past 2 years of its operation, she realized one thing ? "Why there is not many Japanese designers? work in Shanghai, though the city is in the middle of construction rush?"

The reason was simple. The local developers and restaurant/shop owners did not have any connections to Japanese designers, and also, they have never seen the works of them.

As a photo agency specialized with the interior photo shooting, what can we do?

"Why don't we publish a photo book, which contains the works of Japanese designers?"

This is how "Interior Design // Japan" publication project initiated.

Works of Japanese designers are explained both in Chinese and English, and published in China. The photo book is to be distributed in a place, where Chinese developers and restaurant/shop owners gather.

......but... if there is such a place, why don't we invite Japanese designers to Shanghai, and create an opportunity for a physical contact?

The scheme of the project inflated day by day, and in the end, Nacasa and Partner decided to organize a publication party on November 10th. On November 11th, another party, designated for Japanese designers traveled to Shanghai, was also organized.

Just like having an interest and connection to Shanghai with a Chinese hot pot, this party could also be a starting point Shanghai connections.

With such hope on mind, the project had started.


*Number of pages: 288

*Number of properties: 62

*Number of designers: 30

*Month spent to publish: Approximately 11 months



*Number of guests at the party: Approximately 400

*Japanese Designers traveled from Japan: 70 designers from 20 companies

*Number of Shanghai trips the coordinator of the photo book made: 9

*Japanese designers/design firms that have already had a design practice in Shanghai: 10 companies



*Number of Shanghai crabs consumed: too many to remember

*Amount of liquors consumed: ... lost count at some point

*New friends in Shanghai: ...... a bottomless potentials and opportunities.