Nacasa & Partners

December 26, 2008

Launch Party for the book "Japan Living" REPORT

photoWe had a party to launch the publication of "Japan Living" at the arti showroom in Minami-Azabu, Tokyo. In the party, there were so many participants from the architecture and interior design world, including the published architects and designers. From 7 pm, Ms. Marcia Iwatate / the director of this book, talked her greeting and the three photographers (Toshiyuki Yano and Satoshi Shigeta / Nacasa & Partners Inc., Koichi Torimura) introduced themselves. After the talking of Takeshi Nakasa / the president of Nacasa & Partners Inc, Mr. Hidenori Oshima / the president of Arti Inc. expressed the toast.
In the party, a special sales of the book were done and a lot of participants bought it. 500 people or more had come when having counted by the acceptance. The party ended large flourishing.
Thank you very much for your coming and many cooperation for this event.

Outline of the Party
Date October 31, 2008 (Fri.) 18:00-21:00
Place arti showroom
Minami-Azabu Shibuya Bldg. 1F 4-11-30 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047
Sponsor Nacasa & Partners Inc., Marcia Iwatate (MAREI LTD.)
Collaborator Arti Inc., Charles E. Tuttle Publishing

Information of “Japan Living” is here
Interview: Marcia Iwatate, Colunm Vol. 8


January 25, 2008

10th Year End Party Report

photoTo finishing off 2007, we had a big year end party in December 20, 2007. Because the year end party was enhanced the scale every year, and it was done in the main banquet hall of "Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo". The hall was about 800 square meters, and the height to ceiling was 6m.We were worried that the few people it though it was such a big hall. However, it was not necessary to worry so much. More than 1000 people kept full in a wide hall. We were deeply moved in appreciation for the truth because it was joined many people , like as very busy designers and owners, who are looking forward to this meeting.

The heat of the hall had risen, and a plenty content was done in the stage. At first, Mr. Takeshi Nakajima, the president of Kiwa Corporation, did the greeting of the toast in the beginning. The "Nacasa Award" prize was continuously announced. The award was given to young designer under striving. The specially-made trophy was passed to 11 people including a special prize. And, the lot association that a gorgeous premium such as furniture and digital cameras hit was held.


From 8:30 pm, the long-awaited stage was started finally. The funk band “Shibaura Romantica” leading by Mr. Ryu Kosaka, was powerfully transfigured to "Ryu and ALL STARS", because it was really final stage. The casting was so gorgeous to doubt our eyes. The first half live was a original member's stage with Mr. Okuyama (Percussion), Ms. Harayama (Vocal) from Nomura Co., Ltd. In the middle time, Mr. Hashimoto and Mr. Takeishi as the vocal, Mr. Mamiya as the drams and Mr. Tamatsuka as the guitar, showed up in the stage. And Mr. Kitayama, the president of Kitayama Company, suddenly ran to the stage, and he greeted for us. In addition, Mr. Ichiro Sato joined the stage because he was not able to endure it only by seeing such a gorgeous stage. And the ultimate last stage was performed by Mr. Yasumichi Morita of bunny girl appearance, Mr. Kenichi Inamoto wearing US flag Print and Mr. Yutaka Noda with Sexy samba girls. This colorful trio completed, and the stage chorused it in union with the hall. The strongest member who was spending busy every day live did that it was very powerful. They were the expressions that carried out the stage and burnt out.


photoIt was a big party for our 30th anniversary. We must say big thank you to for your coming and many cooperation for this event.